Community & Stakeholder Consultation

We specialize in market’s in our company name! At the core of most economic development projects is the need to develop an understanding of the opinions and experiences of community members, businesses, local government, and target markets. Our specialized training in market research is a major asset. A few of our core competencies include:

Focus Groups
The focus group is a great tool to delve into underlying motivations and perceptions of a research group. We have conducted dozens of focus groups for a wide range of clientele. We design the study, develop the script, recruit participants, moderate, analyze the data and deliver full reports.

In-Depth Interviews
Much like a focus group, the In-Depth Interviews is a tool that allows the research to look beyond narrow responses to find answers to the questions our clients are seeking. This tool is ideal for conducting background research for a project, or taking a close look at the opinions of key project stakeholders.

This quantitative tool is a popular research method, especially for large studies. It is used to cull significant amounts of data from a large, often diverse population. Outlook has conducted dozens of surveys by web, mail, phone and intercept.