Economic Development & Foreign Direct Investment

Economic Development & Foreign Direct Investment

Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor

  • Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor Web/Data Maintenance Project
  • EATC Data Integration Project
  • EATC Data Mapping Project
  • Corridor Investment Plan
  • EATC Website Redevelopment
  • EATC Marketing Plan

Town of Fairview/MD of Fairview

  • Fairview Regional Economic Development Plan
  • Fairview Business Retention & Expansion Project

City of Lloydminster

  • Lloydminster Foreign Direct Investment Competitive Assessment

Northeast Alberta Information HUB

  • North Eastern Alberta Transportation Strategy
  • North Eastern Alberta Website Redesign & Integration
  • North Eastern Alberta Labour Attraction Initiative
  • Northeast Alberta Marketing and Communications Plan
  • East Central Alberta Move Here Web Feature
  • Northeast Alberta Investment Attraction Strategy
  • Northwest Alberta Industrial Cluster Analysis #2 for Transportation, Tourism, and Manufacturing Sectors
  • Northwest Alberta Industrial Cluster Analysis #1for Energy, Agriculture and Defense Sectors

Town of Vegreville

  • Vegreville Foreign Direct Investment Strategy

Town of Killam

  • Killam Marketing and Communications Plan
  • Website Redevelopment

Palliser Economic Partnership (PEP)

  • PEP Website Development
  • Palliser Economic Partnership Strategic Plan
  • Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor Foreign Direct Investment Strategy

Parkland Agricultural Resource Cooperative (PARC)

  • Parkland Strategic Plan
  • Parkland Promotions Plan
  • Parkland Trade Corridor Study
  • Parkland Regional Growth Strategy - Phase 1
  • Parkland Business Awareness & Marketing Plan

City of Brandon

  • Brandon Foreign Direct Investment Opportunity Analysis
  • Brandon Foreign Direct Investment Strategy

Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED)

  • Rural Alberta Innovation & Learning Commons Branding
  • East Central Alberta Marketing Project
  • East Central Alberta Move Here Web Feature
  • Profile for East Central Alberta Value-Added Agriculture

Rainy River Futures Development Corporation

  • Agricultural/Wood Fibre Pellet Facility Feasibility Study

Regional Economic Development Alliance for Northwest Alberta

  • REDI Operations Plan
  • Northwest Alberta Labour Database
  • Northwest Alberta Marketing Plan

South Norfolk-Treherne CDC

  • Boyne Valley Water Initiative

RM of Woodlands CDC

  • Woodlands Regional Branding Project

Sunbelt Development Group

  • Sunbelt Sectoral Gap Analysis
  • Sunbelt Web Marketing Project
  • Sunbelt Investment Attraction Marketing Project

Grande Alberta Economic Region (GAER)

  • Grande Alberta Branding Study for Labour Attraction

  • Revenue Generation Study and Strategic Plan

Edgewater Development Corporation

  • Edgewater Regional Marketing Project
  • Winnipeg River Trade School Feasibility Study
  • Winnipeg River Regional Branding Project

Central Plains Inc.

  • Central Plains Marketing Project Phase 2 - Website and Print
  • Central Plains Marketing Project - FDI Plan and Branding

County of Newell, AB

  • County of Newell Foreign Direct Investment Initiative

City of Kenora

  • City of Kenora Branding Project
  • Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities CFDC
  • Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities Branding Project
  • Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities Foreign Direct Investment Project
  • E&M Automotion Market Feasibility Study
  • Promenade Shuttle Services Market Feasibility Study
  • Two Rivers Market Feasibility Study

Economic Development Authority of Whiteshell

  • Eastman Regional Marketing Project

Community Futures East Interlake

  • Interlake Foreign Direct Investment Project

City of Winnipeg

  • City of Winnipeg Park Police Survey
  • Winnipeg Transit Student Survey

Province of Manitoba

  • Eastern Manitoba Sectoral Forestry Study - Manitoba Department of Education
  • MB Department of Labour-Quick Response Process Survey
  • MB Department of Labour- Dispute Resolution Focus Groups
  • MB Department of Labour-Worker Advisor Office Survey