Grant Acquisition

The Community Economic Development projects we specialize in have significant social and economic value to the public. Therefore, government funding programs are almost always involved. The funding may be directly from a government funding program, or indirectly routed through economic development organizations.

Outlook has worked with clients to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fund various CED projects. We take great pride in helping develop funding applications and often participate in the presentation of these applications to various government committees and boards. While we will never guarantee our clients funding, we will do everything possible to assist them if there is a programs that meets the requirements of their project.

Invest Canada - Community Initiatives (ICCI)

Many of our projects over the last decade have been funded by Invest Canada - Community Initiatives (ICCI) program. ICCI was launched in 1998 to help Canadian communities attract, retain and expand foreign direct investment. ICCI supports non-profit and public-private partnerships at the local community level. The program follows three basic principles:

  • Focusing on supporting the attraction, retention, and expansion of foreign direct investment;
  • Work through partnerships;
  • Sharing costs.

CISP offers up to 50% funding for applicable projects. Outlook has assisted a number of clients in procuring ICCI funding (we do not charge for this service), and carrying out the projects to completion.