Seminar and Training Courses

Outlook is proud to have developed numerous seminars, courses, and lectures for a wide variety of clients. We can help you to customize a seminar for your organization. We specialize in marketing and economic development topics such as:

  • Branding Your Community
  • Creating a Regional Marketing Strategy
  • Foreign Direct Investment Strategies
  • Customer Service Tips for Small Business
  • Surviving When a Big Box Store Comes To Town
  • Marketing Basics
  • Understanding Advertising and Promotion
  • Customer Service Tips for Small Business
  • Market Research for Small Business
  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Finding Your Competitive Advantage, and Using It
  • Intro To Small Business
  • Developing Effective Surveys
  • Developing Winning Proposals

Our clients range from Canada Business Service Centers to Economic Development Agencies to First Nations. These can range from 1 hour seminars to 15 days business courses.