Website Development

Through our significant work in the area of Community Economic Development, we have developed many websites for both private and public institutions. Or primary focus is creating web-based tools designed to propagate the brands and investment initiatives developed by communities and their interests.

A vital element in creating a Marketing and Communications Plan is promoting the community, its strengths, brand image, resources, and investment strategy. The cornerstone of this promotional effort is a customized web page. There a several reasons for this:

  • Investors, customers and immigrants are not located in the community, so they need to be reached in a cost effective manner.
  • A web page allows investors (possible site selectors) and customers to research the community in a hassle-free manner.
  • The web page can hold a vast amount of data that is often necessary for investors' research.
  • The web page is easily updateable so the community can display its latest information without investing in hard costs such as constant brochure development and delivery.

Outlook integrates all its marketing, research, and technical expertise to develop websites that work for our clients.